Information about Worship in the Sanctuary at Zion Lutheran Church

Beginning Sunday, June 6th, our worship options will include a 10:30am service in the Sanctuary.

As an extra measure of precaution, this service is intended for those who are fully vaccinated.


Note: Doors will open for people to enter at 10:10am each Sunday.

Please do not plan to enter the building before 10:10am.

Here is what you need to know:

1.   Park in front of the sanctuary or in the lot between the buildings.

2.   Enter the building through the front doors, ramp door, or side door by the playground.

3.   You should wear a mask at all times while inside.

4.   Be prepared to be checked in and screened for temperature.

5.   Pick up prepackaged communion when you enter the sanctuary. 

6.   A one page bulletin/order of service will be preplaced in pews.

7.   An usher will seat you.  The sanctuary will be filled from front to back.

8.   Worship will look and feel different than usual.  The service will be brief (30-35 minutes)
      and congregational singing will be minimal. 
9.   There will not be a staffed nursery though nursery and restrooms will be available.

10. Indoor Worship in the Gym (9:00am) and Online Worship (9:00am) will still be offered.


While we are happy to offer this additional worship opportunity, we realize not everyone will be ready to worship in the sanctuary at this time.  No one should feel pressured to attend.  You should make a decision about worship attendance that feels best for you.  Additionally, we will continue to evaluate this Indoor Worship Service in the Sanctuary and may make adjustments to our plans as we move forward.


Additional Guidelines and Information:

· If your health places you at-risk of serious illness from Covid-19, you are encouraged to stay home and
   participate in our online worship. Your safety and well-being are important.

· If you are sick, please stay home and return once you are well.

· Please observe physical distancing while on campus, especially going into and coming out of worship.

· Wear a mask. Extras will be available at each entrance to the building if you forget to bring one.
   Please leave it on while you are indoors.

· Your temperature may be taken before entering the sanctuary.

· Hand sanitizer stations will be set up at the entrance for your convenience.

· Restrooms will be open. Restroom use will be limited to one person (or family) per restroom at a time.

· Please bring a bottle with water if you need it. Water fountains will not be available.

· The sanctuary will have limited seating. Once those seats are full we will not allow

   additional worshippers to enter the sanctuary.

Worship Seating

· Ushers will seat you. Please remain in your seat once seated.

· After worship is over, we will dismiss the congregation from back to front.

   Please head directly to the exit to keep aisles and doorways clear.

· Children are to remain with their family group, no nursery will be provided.

Worship Format

· Offering plates/baskets will be placed at each door for your convenience.

· Congregational singing will be limited to one hymn at the end of worship.

   Other Instrumental music and hymn tunes will be played.

· Sharing the Peace will be a verbal exchange only.

· Worship will include Holy Communion. Prepackaged containers of a small amount of bread and wine will be provided. 

  You will pick these up when you enter the sanctuary.  Trash containers will be placed at the exits to dispose of

   your used communion packaging.

Understanding the Risk

· The congregation will do everything it can to make worship our facilities as safe as possible, but it is impossible to

   guarantee a risk-free environment, especially in the case of the Covid-19 virus.

· Each of us must make decisions that are appropriate for ourselves and for those with whom we are in close contact.

· Please know God is with you and loves you wherever you worship.

· Please notify the church if you are exposed or contract the virus especially if you have attended worship,

   so that we can make others aware of any potential exposure and take appropriate cleaning measures.

   Your information will be held in confidence.