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Ministry Teams

Church Council

Kathryn Barton - Secretary     Ernest Beck      

Rebekah Cromer                   Lee Caulder - Chair

Chris Ellisor                          Deanna Granda - vice chair

Linda Hendrix                       Ross Hunter

Rayna Kleckley                     Roscoe Nesmith

Geri Nilsestuen                     Janice Sult - Treasurer

Lay Leaders
Christian Education

Chair: Jamie Hampton

The Christian Education Ministry team shall work with the Pastor, staff and other ministry teams and organizations to plan, promote, conduct and oversee the educational ministries of the congregation, including Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. In addition, it shall aid in recruiting, training, and supporting teachers and assistants for the various courses to be taught. It shall offer special opportunities for expressing appreciation and recognition of teachers, leaders, and students of the congregation.


Co-Chairs: Katie McKinley and Anna Reeside

The Fellowship Ministry's mission is to provide hospitality at church events and provide special opportunities for Christian fellowship. Fellowship includes the Kitchen Committee (see below).


Chair: David McKinley

Church Treasurer: Russell Grant

The purpose of the Finance Ministry Team is to assist in meeting the mission of Zion Lutheran Church as well as the wider Church (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, South Carolina Synod, etc.) in carrying out worship, education, and service to the world so that all may know the grace of God.

Inreach Ministry

Chair: Carolette Turner

Vice Chair: Althea Hendrix

The purpose of the Inreach Ministry shall be to extend and foster comradery (fellowship) among the congregational members, to extend Christian compassion and helpfulness to congregation members in need, in times of sickness, death, trauma and service to our country and to lead and enlist others to carry out this ministry.

Kitchen Committee

This ministry team is part of Fellowship and helps coordinate and prepare meal events along with other groups and ministry teams such as Thanksgiving, Volunteer Breakfast, Mardi Gras Dinner, Overtime meals, Vacation Bible School meals, Inasmuch Breakfast, and external group events. This team also makes schedules for Wednesday Night Meals and Coffee & Fellowship time.

Mutual Ministry

Chair: Chip Burn 

The purpose of the MMT is to provide a means of encouragement, support and care for the Pastor and Zion's church staff as well as offering a means to resolve issues between the congregation and the pastoral staff. Additionally, and in coordincation with the Executive Committee, the MMT will conduct regularly scheduled reviews of the performance of the pastoral staff and make appropriate recommendations. The MMT will evaluate the performance of the minister as both the spiritual leader of the church as well as the administrator of the church's business responsibilities. In his or her administrative role, the pastor must plan church services, mentor the Director of Youth Ministries and Christian Education and other ministry team leaders, and supervise the church's staff. He or she has to demonstrate professionalism, competence, and performance in the pastor's administrative functions, and display knowledge, spiritually, and faith for those things holy. When necessary, the pastor will be excused from all or part of any MMT meeting where issues have been raised which involve the duties, responsibilities or performance of the pastor.

Outreach Ministry

Chair: Darlene Weight

The purpose of the Outreach Ministry shall be to extend Christian compassion and helpfulness to the ill, the aged, and those in need of aid in body and soul in this congregation, the community and the world. It shall lead others to participate in acts of compassion by educating the congregation of the needs to be met, enlisting members and organizations to carry out this ministry, and provide opportunities to do so. It shall, on occasion, conduct these ministries on behalf of the congregation.


Chair: Steve Swygert

The Property Ministry Team shall be responsible for the proper maintenance and protection of all real and personal property of the congregation, and coordinate needed repairs with appropriate contractors. The chairperson of this ministry team shall approve the payment of bills charged for work done on the property as directed by Council.


Chair: Burns Corley 

The mission of the Stewardship Ministry Team is to encourage the members of Zion to become disciples by offering opportunities to grow in their relationship with Jesus, recognizing their blessing received from God, and using the time, talents and finances God has entrusted to them.

Student Ministries

Youth Director: Walt Hampton

Zion's Student Ministries includes all education and programming for youth from 6th through 12 grades. We focus on the lives of these young people and strive to guide their growth towards being responsible, faithful members of the church. With such a large demographic we often work in conjunction with other miistries of the church as we try to incorporate youth seamlessly into all aspects of the life of Zion. The youth of Zion are committed to welcoming their community into the church. It is in this spirit that we work as closely as we can with River Bluff High School to let them know they are welcome in our community.

Technology Ministry

Chair: Russell Kleckley

The Technology Ministry is involved in various duties related to the computers and audit/video (A/V) equipment used across the Zion campus. The computer technology consists of video monitors, PC's, servers, routers, switches, and accompanying software. The A/V equipment includes the PA system in the Family Life Center, our stand-alone A/V equipment and the PA system in the Sanctuary.

Worship & Music

Chair: Eileen Leaphart

Music Director: Julie Branham

The Worship and Music Ministry team shall assist the Council in its duty of seeing that the services of God’s house are conducted regularly and properly. It shall see that worship materials, music and music instruments are provided and cared for. It shall work with the Pastor and music staff in enhancing the choirs of the church (adult, cherub, joy, praise, bells) and in planning worship services. The Director of Music shall be an ex- officio member of this ministry team.

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