Turkey Fund 6000 .png

Our Turkey is feathered!

We exceeded our goal, and have raised over $6,941 to feed those in need this Thanksgiving. Thank you to all who have supported this important project!

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to deliver meals on Thanksgiving Day.

This year and the challenges throughout it have inspired us even more to be the hands of Christ in this world. Our annual Thanksgiving meal project will look a little different this year. In order to keep our volunteers and recipients safe our meals will be prepared by Dupre catering and delivered to the church. Our goal is to raise enough money to provide 1000 meals for our community, at $6 a meal we are in need of $6000.

We will recognize our donors by the Turkey Tiers above each week on our Facebook.

If you have questions call / email the church office at

(803) 356-2297  ZionChurch@ZionLexSC.com


We will need drivers to deliver meals Thanksgiving morning.

Probably the most rewarding part of this project is delivering meals. New protocols will be in place to keep drivers and meal recipients safe. Click the button now for more info or to sign up.