Pumpkin 8100.png


Help color our Pumpkin!

We are raising $8800 to provide 1100 meals for our community this Thanksgiving.
As we near our goal we will color in our pumpkin and restore it’s fall color!

Pumpkin Donor Tiers:

Bronze: $24
Silver: $60

Gold: $120
Platinum: $240

Diamond $500*

We will recognize our Pumpkin Donors by tier on Zion’s Facebook, or you can remain anonymous. (*Diamond Tier business donors will also be recognized on flyers included with the meals.)

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Thank you for feeding your neighbors!

We are in need of delivery drivers for Thanksgiving morning the 25th. Click to signup now!


It has been our tradition for many years at Zion to prepare and deliver Thanksgiving meals to those in need in our community. Last year over 1100 meals were packed and distributed! You have been very generous in donating your time and energies to this project in the past and we’d love for you to be involved again to help deliver these dinners in 2021.

This year and the challenges throughout it have inspired us even more to be the hands of Christ in this world. This year’s meals will again be prepared by Dupre Catering, Zion will then add in a few extra goodies. We will then load them into volunteer vehicles to be delivered. We need your help to make this project possible. First, at $8 a meal we are in need of $8800 to meet our goal of 1100 meals. Second, we will need donations of cookies to add to the meals, drop off at Zion by Wednesday the 23rd. Finally we will need delivery drivers to deliver the meals. As a community we can pull together to make sure our neighbors have a warm meal this thanksgiving.


We will need drivers to deliver meals Thanksgiving morning.

Probably the most rewarding part of this project is delivering meals. New protocols will be in place to keep drivers and meal recipients safe. Click the button now for more info or to sign up.